What to wish – Happy New Year, or Survive through New Year?

• I’m making a reserve website, here’s why
• 2021 is worse than 2020, looks like 2022 will be much worse than 2021
• Positive trends and growing optimism
• Inevitability of the fall of “maritime leaders” cabal
• Future of the shipping: it will be either common sense, or nothing
• Time to choose your side, SMEs

I’m making a reserve website, here’s why
First of all, I’d like to inform all MB visitors, that I bought a new MB domain in .ru sector: maritimebulletin.ru, and now busily copy data from maritimebulletin.net to maritimebulletin.ru. Updates are already duplicated, I’ll keep duplicating them, irrespective of domain priority – whether it will be .ru, or .net. My reasoning is very simple – I don’t know what will happen in USA in 2022, and maritimebulletin.net is hosted in USA.
There are strong reasons to assume (beyond reasonable doubt), that in year 2022, starting Jan – Mar and further on, USA and West in general, will suffer serious disruptions and collapses of infrastructures, including Internet. It’s all in Davos plans, and WEF has already ran respective drills. Russia has been building up its’ infrastructure autonomy for quite some time already, so if Western Internet collapses, leaving access to “official” sites only plus MSM, Russian part of worldwide net will hopefully, hold on. There’s another consideration – sometime real soon Western States will start a process of canceling each and every website containing information, opposing official narrative. Russia is trying to suppress “anti-vaxxers, anti Climate Change”, etc., also, but in Russian sector only, promoting meanwhile, anti Western establishment agenda. So, it gives me a chance to remain afloat and keep doing my job.
I don’t know yet which website will be primary and which will be mirror, but maritimebulletin.ru has two adds-on which many will find interesting or useful: “Comments” option – direct, on-site, not an access via FB and the likes; World News Feed – with headlines from leading opposition outlets. “Comments” warning – Comments will be pre-moderated, my tolerance towards idiots and provocateurs ran out of stocks long time ago. No way, sorry.

2021 is worse than 2020, looks like 2022 will be much worse than 2021
2021 happened to be much worse year than 2020, just like we – anti everything progressive, from jabs to Climate Change to satanic WEF/UN agendas, to diversity and zero-emission (zero-life) future – predicted. Maybe 2022 will be the year of total collapse, maybe it will continue the trend of sliding into the abyss, not falling, but there’s almost no sign of anything positive – all frontline signs are red lights and sirens screaming the alarm. My guess is, it will be if not collapse, then, the beginning of the collapse – world fucking “leaders” just can’t keep this madness in slow, stage-by-stage move to New World Order, their situation has become precariously unstable, the whole Great Reset agenda in shaking and trembling, so they have to accelerate, it is literally, a question of life or death for them (and regretfully, for us also). Whatever the outcome is to be, whether it’s their victory or defeat, they need a chaos. Just like their predecessors and Great Teachers Lenin and Trotskiy needed chaos, and created it, and survived in it, conquering Russia and wrecking havoc and carnage. If they win, they will take under control the majority of nations, if they lose, they’ll try to escape from inevitable punishment, to hide, in the wake of biggest chaos and disaster in human history.

Positive trends and growing optimism
There are some positive signs, probably more deep and important, than they seem: growing mass rejection of the whole agenda, growing resistance, both active and passive. Passive resistance is much more destructive for globalists plans, than active one – because it’s huge, it’s everywhere. Even the supporters and worshippers of “vaccine” / Climate Change cults break the “laws” and “regulations” they on the face of it, welcome and support, when the restrictions, bans and prohibitions contradict their own personal interests.
Society, mankind in the whole, demonstrated much more resilience than UN/WEF scumbags thought they’ll encounter. Specifically, logistics/supply chains: small and middle-sized companies do the job, surviving and winning, in countless local battles, the war against satanic agenda, the war brought upon us by international regulators; national regulators and in general, governments which succumb to Davos maniacs. That’s by the way, one of the main reasons, why globalists, why all the scum of the world, from gates to schwabb, from prince fucking this to queen fucking that, from bankers to “shipping leaders”, consider middle class and SME as their biggest enemies.

Where is the biggest shipping crisis? In liner container shipping, most monopolized industry sector so far, and as such, most vulnerable to crises, either intentional or unintentional. Asian producers search for alternatives to Big Brothers who occupied container business, and are finding the alternatives in good old bulk carriers or general cargo ships, operated by good old small and middle-seized companies. Even more optimistic is the trend of growing understanding among nations which hold dear their independence, that they have to rely on their own shipping, their own ship owners and ships, to safeguard their economical independence. They have to build up their own merchant marine, there’s no other way. No responsible nation can rely from now on, on monopolistic multinational corporations. It’s a very optimistic, very good trend.

Inevitability of the fall of “maritime leaders” cabal
But building up fleets of their own, nations will come to logical inevitability of rejecting international regulator dictatorship, and its’ main inventors and enforcers – IMO/ICS/ILO/ITF/BIMCO – all of them. New World Order is ruling shipping industry, for quite some time already, but it will come to inevitable end. The whole “leading international maritime organizations” cabal will fall, it’s the question of not so long time and – tragically, body-counting: how many people will die or become ruined, because of criminal activities, policies and agendas of those so-called “leaders”. We don’t know how many already died – from starvation caused by rising costs, or more directly, from mandatory jabs. We don’t know how many companies got bankrupt during last 2-3 years. But we know who’s responsible for that.
Hey you there – “shipping leaders” – you’re among those who’ll be hunted down, arrested, investigated, prosecuted. My sincere congratulations on your very grim future, you scumbags. Don’t forget to take your whores and lackeys with you, to keep you company – NGOs, “media”, “analytics and experts”, etc.

Future of the shipping: it will be either common sense, or nothing
The sheer insanity and absurdity of the world we’re living in now, absurdity fed to us as a “new normal”, went through the roof and is mind-blowing. Everything around us, that is to say – everything official and mainstream, is absolutely anti human, anti scientific, anti God, anti life in the whole, and totally irrational and illogical. Take a look “renewable energy” – wind farms are among top most harmful, most devastating for all life forms on Earth, inventions, ever created by insane minds of psychopath . They kill everything living around them, and with that, they’re no substitute for conventional power, even remotely. Read numerous documents with facts and statistics of “renewable energy” disaster, watch horrific documentaries. Or turn to “zero emission” shipping dystopian absurdity. You know, it all depends on a scale of collapse and disaster which will befall us. It all depends on what will be left after New World Order collapses, with “covid pandemic”, mass vaxx, mass digital IDs, Climate Change, etc. – with all of it. It depends on starting groundings of rebuilding and renewal. By 2030-2050, there will be either rafts and pirogues, or sail ships, or coal steamers, or in the best scenario, ships run on conventional fuels, but there won’t be any “zero-emission” monsters with kites or wind turbines, or bio/hydrogen/whatever “fuels”. It will be either common sense, or nothing.

Time to choose your side, SMEs
So shipping insiders, choose your side. Either you support, passively or actively, anti human, anti God agenda of globalists, or you resist it. I mean, everybody is actually, resisting it, whether actively or passively, whether conscientiously or not. Everybody is breaking the insane, criminal rules, here and there, including the fucking “shipping leaders”, who’re, judging from photos of their gatherings, violate the rules more than anybody else (rules for thee, not for me). But it’s not enough. I address, first of all, shipping SMEs – you’re most vulnerable, you’re the main target of New World Order, you’re the ones to be exterminated soonest possible, so fight against New World Order is the fight for your survival. Still afraid? Support and assist those who aren’t http://maritimebulletin.ru/contact/

Here’s something many of you, industry insiders, don’t yet grasp – to understand what’s up, to assess situation in order to make your next move, whether personal or business, you must have a broader, general picture of situation in general. You’re in dire straits with a wrong chart, if you get such a picture from MSM plus industry MSM. You’re in virtual reality helmet, heading straight for dead end in best scenario, for bankruptcy and worse, in all other scenarios. MSM, experts, analytics and politicians, if you’re still stupid enough to listen to them, make you blind, deaf and totally controllable. Those of you who wake up, will need other experts and outlets, like myself and my Maritime Bulletin. You’ll have to return to reality, or you’ll perish. Up to you.

Voytenko Mikhail
Dec 25-27 2021


My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. I've been also involved in a number of major maritime disasters media coverage. Industry knows my job and my stance - I oppose NWO, "pandemic" and "Climate Change" crimes against humanity, I'm fighting absolutely corrupt, rotten to the core, shipping industry structure and self-proclaimed "leaders", with everything I can. Time's running out, join the fight or remain sheep, I frankly, don't care. I know what I have to do.

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