Tsunami of lawlessness – on Peru oil spill story

Italian Aframax tanker MARE DORICUM is kept in detention in Peru, under a threat of $37.5 mil fine if the ship leaves Peruvian waters. MARE DORICUM was unfortunate enough to offload crude oil at Repsol La Pampilla oil terminal, when tsunami, created by Jan 14 Tonga volcano eruption, reached Peru coastline. It’s not even exactly clear what happened, what and where broke off – hose or pipeline or what – but Peruvian authorities were very quick and decisive with accusations and response – Repsol and MARE DORICUM are the culprits. Repsol called to common sense and good judgment, refuting allegations with one good reason – there was no official warning on oncoming tsunami, no order to suspend all cargo operations, nothing was done at all, basically.
Peruvian authorities with ever ready global mainstream media enthusiastic assistance, inflated a rather ordinary spill to a full-scale “ecological disaster” event. It is said, that 6,000 barrels (some 250 tons) of oil were spilled, polluting 3 square kilometers of sea and coast. It’s not an ecological disaster, not even close. In several months max (but most probably, weeks), sea and coast will be clean and pristine – Nature will take care of it. But according to authorities and MSM, and of course, “environmental” scum, Peruvian fishermen, tourism (where tourism will come from, with all those covid lockdowns?) and sea life itself, are under threat. I got it, Peruvian coastline is some 5 kilometers long – or how else 3 kilometers of polluted coastline could jeopardize the whole coastline of the whole country (Peru coastline length by the way, is 2,414 kilometers)? What is exact quantity of oil spilled? We don’t know, we have to trust Peruvian authorities with their 6,000 barrels. Somehow, I feel, that less or much less, quantity was spilled.
No secret at all why Peruvian authorities instigate and keep inflaming, this hysterical “environmental disaster” claim – it’s in trend; and it’s a source of a profit they didn’t count on – in forms of insane, inflated “fines” and “damages cover”.
Meanwhile, Peruvian waters, specifically Callao waters, have long become the piracy nest, embracing all interested parties – authorities; fishermen and strongmen – robbers. How? Read this – it’s a report, sent to MB by Romanian deck officer in late December last year. Prior to that, several years back, I’ve been receiving complaints from Ukrainian and Russian sailors, arrested and incarcerated in Peru on absolutely false accusations of drug trafficking. There is an unfolding disaster in Peruvian waters, sure, but not “ecological” one. It’s a disaster of lawlessness, of authorities merging with criminals in criminals activities, with the aim of profiting from visiting merchant ships and crews.
Crude oil tanker MARE DORICUM, IMO 9446374, dwt 158319, built 2009, flag Italy, manager D’Amico Fratelli.

Romanian deck officer report on Callao Anchorage robberies
A few days ago, we were robbed at Callao Anchorage, waiting to get inside the port for around 1-2 days.
Usually waiting time it’s like this, they make schedules very chaotic and never sticking to it.
In this anchor area near the port, around 20-25 vessel at anchor all the time
First of all, it’s a big mafia business with the cigarettes, but this is nothing new, usually for us we give around 5-7 cartoons of Marlboro 20 packs each cartoon
With traffic of 20-25 vessel coming and leaving continiosuly and each giving this amount of cigarettes, just imagine the quantity of money. And if we refuse to give, usually we encounter big problems, like they send very strict inspection which might lead to detention or arrest of the vessel.
The next business is with the robberies in anchorage area. All the authorities are coming aboard the vessel at anchorage using service boats
So the area is full of this small boats going around everywhere 24h out of 24h. You never know what kind of boat is nearby to you, itt’s authority or robbers. In my opinion they work together, the authority boat make inspection, to see the security on board and then they pass info over to the thieves.
Every time we come here, we hear on the radio somebody reporting that they were robbed or they manage to see the robbers and raise the alarm.
We fell victims of the robberies, experienced, real professional. They manage to remove mooring ropes with 200m length from mooring winches in less than 30 mins.
We had our seaman on deck making patrols every 30 mins so we don’t know if he was lucky that he didn’t see them or not. Who knows how they could react, either jump overboard or maybe try to throw him overboard.
There is a port control operator on the VHF RADIO. They always broadcast that if we see some suspicious small boat, report to them. But if we report, they do nothing.
Today, an other vessel made report that arund 0200-0300 they were robbed and that they tried to contact the port control operator but no reply.
There are no patrol vessels around, there are no coastguard vessel responding immediately.
3-4 weeks ago, some indian officer was reporting that the robbery was in progress, they see them in the forward part of the vessel, they raise the alarm, they send all crew forward to inspect and they reqest assistance from Port Control. There answer was simple: Raise the alarm, increase security, keep everything locked.
100% the Port Control, the authorities, the fishing boats roaming around, the robbers, they are in all together. If everyday some vessel is beeing robbed and maybe even more than 1, imagine again how much money they make. One of the most expensive mooring ropes 200 metres is about
7 thousands dollars. some decent average is about 3-4 thousands and cheapest lets say around 1thousand + additional stuff they can steal, buckets of paint, tools, fire hoses, fire nozzle which also are very expensive. Huge criminal activity in this area and nobody even cares. If your vessel is robbed,
all companies will try to blame the crew. So every time we re here, we hope that we are lucky to avoid being robbed or even our guys to be hurt, thrown overboard or even worse..


My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. I've been also involved in a number of major maritime disasters media coverage. Industry knows my job and my stance - I oppose NWO, "pandemic" and "Climate Change" crimes against humanity, I'm fighting absolutely corrupt, rotten to the core, shipping industry structure and self-proclaimed "leaders", with everything I can. Time's running out, join the fight or remain sheep, I frankly, don't care. I know what I have to do.

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