Northern Sea Route as of Dec 22; transit Statistics 2019-2021

NSR Dec 22 UPDATE: There’s a foreign transit cargo ship in Eastern NSR Sector, Dutch heavy lift ship PUGNAX, with liner (biggest and most powerful class) nuclear icebreaker YAMAL working on her, to take her through heavy ice. PUGNAX is transiting in western direction, from Busan to Europe. LNG tanker VLADIMIR VIZE is moving in eastern direction, en route from Sabetta to Dalian, slowly moving through ice, and probably, in need of icebreaker assistance.
Liner nuclear icebreaker YAMAL, IMO 9077549, displacement 23460, built 1992, flag Russia.
Heavy lift ship PUGNAX, IMO 9763849, GT 34146, built 2016, flag Liberia, manager RBES BV, Netherlands.

Northern Sea Route transit Statistics and non-Russian biggest users
Official Data from Northern Sea Route Public Council
Monitoring of the Northern Sea Route Shipping, Global Maritime Shipping and Logistics Services (as of December 17, 2021)
The total traffic in 2021 is expected to be no less than in 2020. As of now, the transit traffic has already reached 2,009,900 tons, which is 56% greater than for the same period in 2020.
The most frequent NSR users in terms of the number of voyages and the total cargo traffic are:
COSCO Shipping (China): 11 eastbound and westbound voyages
Nordic Bulk Carriers (Denmark): 3 voyages, 75,000 tons deadweight vessels, delivering iron ore concentrate from the east coast of Canada to China and Korea
Golden Ocean Management (Norway): 8 voyages, 75,000 deadweight vessels, of which 5 voyages shipped iron ore concentrate from Murmansk to China
Oldendorff Carriers (Germany): 3 voyages, 75,000 deadweight vessels, delivering iron ore concentrate from Norway
GTLK Asia M3 Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Russian State Transport Leasing Company): 2 voyages, 105,000 deadweight vessels, shipping iron ore concentrate from the east coast of Canada to Nakhodka Port and China.
Golden Ocean Management (Norway) jointly with SUEK AG (Switzerland): 18 voyages, 80,000 tons deadweight vessels. Ten voyages were from Murmansk and one from Canada to China delivering iron ore concentrate;
COSCO Shipping (China): 14 eastbound and westbound general cargo voyages, including with containers
United Heavy Lift (Germany): 14 eastbound and westbound general cargo voyages, including with containers
Oldendorff Carriers (Germany): 8 voyages, up to 121,000 tons deadweight vessels; 6 eastbound voyages delivered coal, iron ore concentrate
Wagenborg Shipping (Denmark): 6 eastbound and westbound general cargo voyages, including with containers.
Eastbound shipping of raw materials (iron ore concentrate, timber and coal) prevailed in the NSR international transit traffic in 2021. General cargo, also containerized, is mostly shipped westbound.
Northern Sea Route Public Council
Full Report:


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