(Much more) worse and destructive, than U-Boats and bombers

Carbon pricing could rise to as much as $360/tonne in the 2030s, according to a Getting to Zero Coalition (GtZC) report published today. Closing the Gap offers an outline of the policy options available to regulators that will encourage vessel operators to switch from carbon-based fuels to zero-emission energy, writes The Loadstar on Jan 18, presenting to its’ audience a new nauseating concoction, brewed by UMAS, “a partnership between UMAS International Ltd and the University College London (UCL) Energy Institute”.
Here’s the link to this crap https://www.globalmaritimeforum.org/content/2021/12/Closing-the-Gap_Getting-to-Zero-Coalition-report.pdf

But I strongly recommend my readers not to read this unreadable, hardcore delusional piece of garbage, for one very sound reason – it’s absolutely unrealistic, it’s just one more paper required by the policy of destructing shipping, with general aim of collapsing global economy. Idiots who concocted this “Overview” are what they are – a bunch of brainless, highly ignorant orcs, foot soldiers of WEF/UN Great Reset and New World Order.
Here they are, all of them, with their bios: https://www.u-mas.co.uk/about-us/people/
Read their bios, bios will tell you everything you need to know about their “job” of undermining global shipping, and economy, and its’ true value (none).

I repeat – there will be no “green sustainable shipping”, ever. Again, just one reason is enough to grasp it – no major player in this circus needs this shit. Normal life and economy don’t need it. Nature (your dear Mother Earth) doesn’t need it – when time comes, Nature is taking its’ own course, just like it did in 2021, by astonishingly fast recover of Arctic ice cover. Humans are too tiny force on mighty scales of Nature, to really impact it, especially with idiocies like “zero-emission” crap. But New World Order doesn’t need this crap, either. If they win, they’ll exterminate the majority of mankind, and their dystopian future will go along with whatever shipping and ships come handy – but surely, not with insane “zero-emission” projects. Globalists know the whole “man-made Climate Change” narrative is one big lie, like “covid/vaccination” lie, and everybody having any intellect left, also knows it.
The only ones who’re vitally interested in Big Climate Change Lie going on forever, are NGO staffers, but they don’t have voice or option – when their time comes (soon), they’ll go down the drain, they’re disposable trash, useful idiots.

I remind once again – and I won’t be tired of it – all those who actively or passively participate in “fighting Climate Change” or “fighting pandemic” agendas, or any other agenda originating from WEF/UN – you’re colluding in crimes against humanity, right here and now, every day. You’re all criminals, already. All of you will be held responsible, be you “shipping elites” big shots, or NGOs/Coalitions/Foundations/Alliances brainless, illiterate orcs.
I’m proud of the fact, that among NGOs/Coalitions/Foundations/Alliances staffers one can hardy find Eastern European nationalities. No Russians seen in this shithole, no Ukrainians, etc. Our nations still have hope of survival and revival, we didn’t rot that deep.

And once again, I can’t but express my astonishment at the main source of everything evil and destructive, with relation to shipping. It’s the UK. Overall, I can’t but feel myself very lucky I am not a citizen of any given Western country, but with that, the malicious role of the UK hosting major hostile and destructive powers in shipping industry (IMO/ICS/ITF/NGOs etc., etc., etc.), is amazing. Was Britannia really, the ruler of the waves and one of the main architects of effective and safe merchant marine? Maybe it’s a lie, who knows? Tsunami of truth and facts, previously overlooked, flooded us during last 24 months, and the more we find out, the less we trust everything official and quite recently, widely accepted as real history – as it is becoming more and more obvious, that no, official narrative isn’t the real story. Something is very wrong with the UK, I’d say.
The main enemy of the shipping, of seamen and SMEs, far surpassed in destruction it brought and keep bringing, any of your u-boats or bombers or pirates, and it is headquartered in the UK.


My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. I've been also involved in a number of major maritime disasters media coverage. Industry knows my job and my stance - I oppose NWO, "pandemic" and "Climate Change" crimes against humanity, I'm fighting absolutely corrupt, rotten to the core, shipping industry structure and self-proclaimed "leaders", with everything I can. Time's running out, join the fight or remain sheep, I frankly, don't care. I know what I have to do.

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