English and other skills aren’t a must, while jab status is – the result

Bulk carrier GNG CONCORD 3 has scared and infuriated port authorities and traffic control at Malaga, Spain, by her reckless maneuvering, while entering the port early in the morning Jan 7, from Portugal, with cargo of wheat. The ship was warned by traffic control about her moving at too much speed, when she was about to enter port basin, already with pilot on board. She was ordered to reduce speed and wait for tugs, but didn’t react. The ship steamed into basin and headed straight for berthed cruise ship SEABOURN ENCORE, situation has become very tense and dangerous. GNG CONCORD 3 had to drop anchor in emergency, to avoid collision, slow down and finally, stop. By this time two tugs already approached her, and shortly after, took her to berth, remarking on “very tense situation” on board of bulk carrier.

It’s hard to believe, but according to local sources referring to official information, Captain of bulk carrier and one crew had to be taken to hospital – Captain suffering from nervous breakdown, crew member sustaining not clarified injury.
As it soon came out, the basic reason which caused this near-accident was total lack of English language skills, including professional jargon and commands, among crew, including and starting with, deck officers. That is, nobody on the bridge could communicate with either traffic control, or tugs, or understood, pilot on board.

Understood all crew are Chinese. Now, read this piece of crap, published by Maritime Executive:
…However, some seafarer nationalities still show an elevated degree of vaccine hesitancy, particularly among Eastern European and Russian crewmembers, the corresponding ship managers reported.

What’s the connection, one might ask? It’s a direct connection, direct line between A and B. “Some seafarers, still showing elevated degree (Orwell paling in comparison with this new language of new normal) of vaccine hesitancy”, are in essence, highly qualified, responsible, rational and well-acknowledged into the whole “covid-vaccination” insanity professionals. Their “elevated hesitancy” is simply demonstration of their will to remain a) alive; b) healthy. Or in other words, they’re the best there are. Shipping “leaders” and shipowners are getting rid of sea labor elite either by refusing them the job, or by killing/maiming them with the “vaccines”. That’s what you’ll be left with, imbeciles on top – with crews who can’t speak English, and who’re capable of navigating the ships with GPS/ECDIS only. You’re ruining your business, and that’s good. You must be wiped out from shipping, you’re a present and clear danger to shipping, to seamen and to yourselves. Fantastic idiots! Keep hiring vaccine junkies, speeding up your final extinction.

Bulk carrier GNG CONCORD 3, IMO 9715323, dwt 75479, built 2015, flag HK, manager GNG OCEAN SHIPPING CO LTD, Guangdong, China.


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