Demolition of shipping industry

It’s a long-read, and the longer is the read, the lesser is the number of readers, but it doesn’t matter. I said what I have to say, the rest is not up to me. These are unprecedented times, and all normal, God-fearing people, must do something, to stop or disrupt the march of New World Order monster. If somebody is still dozing or trusting mainstream and its’ “science”, or worse still, benefit from colluding with devil, he’s doomed and has nobody to blame for what will soon happen to him, except himself. Time of choice, time of action, time to wake up.

COP26 and MEPC77 over – nothing to talk about or discuss, it’s all useless and meaningless
Who is Mr. guy platten?
Why platten’s and other “leaders” statements are so insulting and anti human
Tendencies outlined:
1. Growing psychosis and interspecies competition
Jackals smell the blood
2. Situation spins out of control
3. Survival instinct enters the game
Shipping industry as it is, is doomed to collapse, and that’s ok
Shipping will be reborn on new principles and on nations level
The greatest disappointment of my life: West
Shipping industry List of Shame

COP26 and MEPC77 over – nothing to talk about or discuss, it’s all useless and meaningless
COP26 is thankfully, over, leaving us with one question – what does this decarbonasation mean, exactly? According to recent statements and papers of so-called global “leaders”, to UN documents, everything emitting CO2 or methan is to be exterminated, including animals and trees. Trees, plants, crops are to be replaced with GMO plants. Planet of course, must be depopulated, or else. So, what will the planet look like and who or what exactly are supposed to populate it? Torched, barren Earth, deprived of vitally important gases (including oxygen), covered with anti human, anti life looking wind farms and giant fields covered with solar panels – it is becoming apparent, that the whole UN/WEF/globalists agenda isn’t just anti human, it’s anti life, all life.
“Climate Change science” isn’t even pseudo science, it’s a fruit of vicious, delirious, hating life in all forms, mind. If it’s a science, then it must be called correct name: a science of exterminating life on planet Earth. Who or what is behind this insanity? I don’t know, but certainly, not clowns like “nations’ leaders” like Biden or Johnson or Merkel or Trudeau, not even leading globalists.
We’re moving towards mass extinction event, and anyone still believing in “Climate Change”, is either profoundly stupid and ignorant, or involved in “climate change” crime against the planet (but no more smarter than your regular useful idiots).

There’s nothing to analyze in COP26 resolutions and documents, in general, and in relation to shipping, analyze is senseless. UN/WEF already laid it all open – they’re in for disrupting economy, supply chains and logistics, in order to take everything and everybody under control, in the evolving chaos. Those who survive pandemic of “vaccination” and boosters, and pledge to obey, will be granted rationed food and electricity, and allowed some freedoms like freedom to move around their city block, or town or village. Nothing new – all globalists do, is in strict compliance with guidelines worked out and tested, by bolscheviks in Lenin’s Russia, and communists in China. The only difference is, new conquerors of the world believe they won’t fail like their predecessors bolscheviks, because they have new technologies, AI and the rest of it.
What about shipping? There are some curious trends to think about or to be amused, but there’s nothing big and decisive to talk about – shipping is on the road to collapse, and globalists don’t give a fuck whether collapse will be caused by “new innovative green sustainable technologies and fuels”, or just by insanity itself, unbearable burdens of new costs and regulations. Shipping as we know it, must die, that’s the UN/WEF Master Plan, the rest being no more than trifling details. What will be shipping like in New World Order under World Government, nobody knows, including globalists and shipping “leaders”, but both New World Order and shipping “leaders” can’t care less, as long as they – personally – remain in power.

Who is Mr. guy platten?
Just like it happened in all tyrannies before the new one we’re sinking in now, simply voting for globalists agenda or trying to keep low, no longer is enough. The worldwide mainstream psychosis reached new highs – one, person or company, must demonstrate his enthusiasm, his infatuation with “green agenda”, he must yell through foamy mouth, he must come up with new “ideas”, more insane than those “under discussion”.
An illustration number one, an industry champion, on personal level, is one guy platten, ICS kingpin. To me, all those who took part in Glasgow mob show, aren’t, strictly speaking, humans. They’re human-like creatures, hostile to all living forms on Earth. They aren’t male or female or whatever, they’re ITs. The Things. Here is what he said:
“Society has to accept the fact that shipping costs will increase,” says Guy Platten, secretary general of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), which represents about 80% of global transport and shipping boat owners. Still, he notes, it won’t be by much. “Shipping is a remarkably efficient form of transportation. When you’ve got 20,000 tons on a container ship, even if there is a big increase in fuel prices, that cost will be spread across every single container.” So the price of a high-end pair of jeans may only go up by a few cents.
New fuels won’t be enough, says Platten, speaking on the sidelines of a panel on Wednesday about decarbonizing global transport. In a first for the transport sector, the ICS has proposed a global carbon levy on fossil fuels used in the industry it represents. “It does sound a bit unusual—‘Industry calls to pay more,’” agrees Platten. “But I’ve not met anybody in the industry who doesn’t recognize we’ve got to do something. We need to incentivize shipowners to switch and the only way that’s going to happen is by having a carbon price, otherwise there would still be an incentive to burn fossil fuels.”
Platten is not alone in issuing such kind of derisive statements, other CEOs say the same, the only difference is the examples – one illustrates the “hardly noticeable, and very affordable”, cost increase on example of can of Heineken beer, another on example of IPhone, etc. Why don’t you illustrate your lies on example of transporting Lamborghini car, it will make freight increase even less noticeable?
Fake is so obvious it hardly needs an explanation – we aren’t talking about price tags on ready-made goods, especially fashionable ones. We’re talking about price hike, domino-type, of agricultural goods, fuel and other bulk cargoes, vitally important for human survival. That’s what makes situation so desperate and catastrophic – hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe live on the verge of starvation, or already starve. With “new green sustainable zero-emission” shipping, they’re as good as dead, in near future.
Speaking about guy platten – I have a feeling that he’s after something bigger than just being ahead of the race, aiming at I don’t know what – at becoming next head of IMO, or is he after something bigger, post of Maritime Minister in future World Government, perhaps? Not that it maters much, though. There are hundreds of creatures like him in “shipping leaders” shithole, so remove him, and another one, probably worse, will surface and take the lead. The whole system is so rotten, that personal characteristics don’t count anymore. One’s tall, another obese, third may look like hardcore criminal or professor – they differ physically, but they’re all zombies in their actions, all captured in a race along one predestined track.

Why platten’s and other “leaders” statements are so insulting and anti human
I’ve been through my hard times of long periods of starvation and under-nourishment, I know exactly what does it imply. Each calorie is counted by your organism, you know exactly – without any measurements or laboratory tests – for how many hours you’ll be able to drag along on a piece of bread of this or that size, you count each and every cent, penny, kopek, whatever. I know what hunger blackout is, I know even the right way to walk around to avoid fainting (giving a wide berth to all places smelling food, like cafes or street vendors or flea markets).
So for me personally, this absolutely inhuman and disgustingly elitist approach to artificial problem of “decarbonisation”, demonstrated by shipping “leaders”, is nothing short of an insult. And I’m speaking not only on behalf of myself, but on behalf of millions and millions of people. You’re scumbags, criminals and to round it all up, piece of shit, all of you, “shipping leaders”, with your experts and lapdog media.

New, more outrageous than previous, “initiatives” emerge non-stop, here’s latest:
ICS proposed a $5 billion research and development fund, the IMO Maritime Research Fund, which was first put forward in 2019 and is under discussion at a key IMO meeting this week (Nov 22-26). Paid for entirely by the industry, at no cost to governments or taxpayers, the fund would accelerate the rapid increase of technology-readiness levels to ensure zero-carbon fuels can be used on large ocean-going ships – making net zero shipping by 2050 a reality.
“Paid for entirely by the industry, at no cost to governments or taxpayers…” outrageous, criminal lie! Where will money come from? ICS will print it? No, final customers will pay, because of course, freight rates will have to be raised.
Esben Poulsson, Chairman of ICS said: “If governments do not support the IMRF, we have to ask the question… why?” – Because those who don’t support this economical crime against humanity, care about their nations, that’s why, you moron.

As of recent, I can’t take seriously history, stories and movies about U-boats. What are they in comparison with ICS, IMO and other “maritime organizations”, in terms of losses and damages inflicted? U-boats look like salvage fleet by contrast, at least they weren’t after sinking all of world merchant fleet, but that’s exactly what “shipping leaders” are doing, killing along the way, crews, with compulsory so-called “vaccines” – “collateral casualties”, one might say.

Tendencies outlined:
1. Growing psychosis and interspecies competition
So, we’re witnessing intensifying interspecies competition, in any given branch of shipping, be it “maritime organizations”, or NGOs, or progressive CEOs, or classification societies, or engine manufacturers. Let’s not forget ITF and all related national sister snakes of ITF – trade-unions enthusiastically and happily betrayed people they vowed to protect, and it’s only logical. Trade unions as they are (in any given industry or country), rot to such an extent that they can’t be reformed.
By the way, “our dear seafarers” follow mainstream lead, mostly. Many of seamen like to be treated like children, like to be regulated and ordered what to do and how to do, like to be pampered with cheap, worthless, fawning chants and propaganda. Most resilient, most conscious of what’s really going on, are of course, seamen from Eastern European nations, but they also prefer to remain silent and don’t go beyond boundaries of social net communities, whining and complaining to each other, but never daring to come up as witnesses, to make facts public, even anonymously.

I have no doubt, that many of industry insiders (except NGOs, who aren’t and weren’t insiders, they’re pure plague, parasites, alien hostile invaders) understand perfectly well what’s going on, having no illusions about “pandemic”, “vaccinations”, Climate Change or New World Order. Problem is – biggest problem, I’d say – they’re so scared, so spineless, so greedy and so blind, that they simply can’t stand up or resist. They are panicked, so they prefer not to acknowledge very scary truth, and exist by living on day-to-day basis, in futile hope, that nightmare will somehow, settle down for good.

All the “leaders” of the world, from nations to industries, turned, literally, into zombies – just watch them and analyze them, to see the picture. Take shipping: CEOs, in order not to be eaten right away by rivals, have to behave like they’re in a constant frenzy over non-existent “problems” like climate change, pandemic, diversity, sustainability, etc. They have to surpass rivals in insanity, or risk being destroyed. They already cannibalize on each other, hoping it will delay their own bankruptcies and deaths.

Have a look at most despicable, harmful invention of globalism – “think-tanks” and NGOs. Shipping-related ones will be enough to get the whole picture. Each new day brings in new NGO or Fund or Association, or Initiative, those who were yesterday’s celebrities get lost somewhere, with new stars being born, like this one – Johannah Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Global Maritime Forum, unrivalled shipping-related NGO celebrity at COP26. There are too many of them already, and so, naturally, they entered “the survival of the strongest” stage of their beloved “evolution theory”.
They are only logical in their absolutely useless existence, they fight for survival, for their place in a food chain which feeds this ultimate type of parasites: “think-tanks” and NGOs staffers, mostly millennials and gen-z. They have no real education and skills – they’re de-facto, illiterate; they have no morals, no character, no courage or conscience, but they’re armed with very strong basic instincts, which make them ideal parasites, final form of globalism “evolution” (de-evolution). It takes decades to breed such superb type of slime and scum, but here they are, total Darwinism success.

Jackals smell the blood
In a LinkedIn post on Nov 29 Hugo De Stoop, CEO of Euronav, expressed his disappointment at the slow progress at last week’s MEPC meeting at the IMO.
“We agree with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the MEPC 77 is a big disappointment and a missed opportunity,” De Stoop said in the post.
“Fortunately, businesses can move ahead of regulators and the trend is here to stay.”
The ICS said on Nov 26 that last week’s meeting could be interpreted as the IMO no longer taking GHG issues seriously.
My respect to Mr. Lim, head of IMO, he impresses me as the only sane person in a pack of crazy zombies – majors’ CEOs; ICS CEOs, NGOs. Stay strong, Mr. Lim, and hold the fort!

2. Situation spins out of control
Nobody in shipping, including top “leaders”, can control situation, shipping is heading towards collapse reefs, with increasing speed and jammed rudder. Guy platten, for a top one, isn’t in control either. There’s a point of no return on the road to hell – again, I can only advise you to read history, shipping insiders! Namely, history of Soviet Russia. It’s all in there, guidebook and pilot chart for those who chose Evil, or for those who try to foresee near future.
What do we see, everywhere, in any given aspect or industry or nation? Increasing madness, insanity which has become suffocating in its’ absurdity, falsehood and censorship. Climate Change, pandemic, racial theory (one theory it is!), diversity, equity, on and on. It’s so unspeakably stupid, false, primitive. After a certain point or line, when madness conquers minds of the majority, those who lead society to this point, lose control, because the whole process doesn’t need control any more. It’s developing into chaos to be replaced with tyranny, all by itself, by the rules of big numbers.
Guy platten can’t accelerate or decelerate it, relative to shipping industry, he’s like a rider on a wild horse in rodeo – he’s trying not to be thrown down, to remain on top, but he can’t control horse, or his actions, or his future – typical situation for idiots believing they’re on winner’s side, when they side the evil. Again, if we take a look at history and fates of Revolution leaders, who were most active destroyers during early stages of Revolution (Great Reset; Agenda 2030, etc.), we’ll find, that they were among first victims of the monster they created and raised. The overwhelming majority of them were executed. I have absolutely no pity for them, it’s what we call “instant justice”, justice in this life.

3. Survival instinct enters the game
Another very powerful player is entering the game, it’s the strongest basic instinct of any living being, instinct of survival. It demonstrated its’ power during the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC77) meeting, when the majority of members sided with Saudi Arabia and China, and reject the insane plan to adopt a target of net zero emissions by 2050. Even globalism-plagued governments of many nations finally, started to realize, that it’s the question of life and death, and they – governments, on governmental and personal levels, aren’t guaranteed from very negative consequences of acquiescing to UN/WEF maniacs.
Successful rebellion against “zero emission” criminal plan at MEPC77 isn’t a victory, it’s a tactical gain, a battle won, in a war we’re, so far, losing. Not much to celebrate.
But survival instinct is rising everywhere on all levels, from personal to nationwide, from industry to any given company (multinational corporations not including, of course). New World Order and Green Agenda are ruthless murderers of everything living on this planet, WEF/UN are mortal enemies of all mankind, so survival instinct has to have its’ say, it’s a pure physiology.

Shipping industry as it is, is doomed to collapse, and that’s ok
I fully understand, that speaking about shipping, it’s naïve to hope for any open resistance, any raw naked truth spoke out loud. So I personally, have little doubt, that the shipping in its’ present form and structure, will collapse, and frankly, I welcome such an outcome. Why? Oh, there’s a number of reasons, suffice to give just one. What we have now, is criminal and totally corrupt structure, the result of a merger of “maritime organizations” and major corporations. It can’t be reformed. The legal system created by “maritime organizations” (puppets of globalists and major corporations), can’t be reformed, it can only be destroyed, together with big multinational corporations.
“Rule, Britannia!, Britannia rule the waves” – yes, Britannia ruled the merchant waves until very recent, being the host to all main sources of corruption and crime in shipping, that is to say, to all “maritime organizations”. But as of recent, situation went out of control and is developing all by itself, so effectively, Britannia decrowned itself de-facto, but it must be decrowned openly and publicly, officially, if you like. Enough of supranational, uncontrolled, corrupt and downright criminal, “maritime organizations” tyranny. Their rule is a road to catastrophe.
So if one recognizes the collapse not just as inevitable disastrous outcome, but in a sense, as a Great Purge, a demolition of rotten to the core, infested with rats, insects and snakes, house, to clear the way for (ironically), “build back better”, he won’t have to wait long.

Shipping will be reborn on new principles and on nations level
I strongly believe, that the shipping will reborn and start building up, on nations’ level and on nations grounds. Nations with strong survival instinct and inflexible will to remain sovereign, to be rulers of their own fate, will build up their own merchant marine. One of the first things they’ll have to do to gain basic independence, will be the rejection of existing tyrannical regime of international rules and regulations, which jeopardizes nation’s sovereignty and harms the economy. Nations will have to stop membership in all the so-called “maritime organizations”, declaring their rules and laws null and void. Organizations themselves, meanwhile, should be recognized as criminal, and prohibited, at least in nations boundaries.
Global shipping needs of course, some types of general rules and regulations, conventions and so on, but they should be accepted in the course of international conferences on case-to-case basis. There must not be, categorically, any supervising international body, performing its’ activities on a constant basis, with hired personnel. Any such body is a direct and shortest way to corruption, crime and finally (have a look at our grim reality), to crimes against humanity. No more general secretaries and secretary generals, no more boards of directors, no more “our team”. Out!
Any monopolizing attempts, especially on international level, should be fiercely persecuted and prohibited. Monopolies are the enemies of the economies and of the people, and should be treated as such.
Representation of industry participants on governmental or international levels, must be built on basically new principles, allowing industry SME and seamen to control the situation, and effectively define policies and practices. Those who do the job must be in control, not the parasites. Parasites – bureaucrats, are servants, not masters.
And that’s the way it will be, I’m sure of it, you just watch.

The greatest disappointment of my life: West
Rounding it all up, can’t but mention the greatest disappointment of my life: West, Western civilization, Western culture and of course, shipping, moulded into Western forms. What happened to West? Yes I know, millions of people resist and stand up against tyranny, but hundreds of millions remain silent or worse, become enthusiastic supporters of “pandemic” and “Climate Change” agendas. Nowhere else do I find so many idiotic, ignorant comments to materials, posted in MSM or social nets, as in Western sector. Westerners became soft of body and mind, obviously. One won’t find anything close to this mass madness, blindness and primitive thinking, in say, Eastern Europe. Russians for one, are openly skeptical and derisive in everything “Climate Change” related, they – being life-wise, street-wise, whatever, – just don’t recognize “Climate Change” narrative as something of any importance. They find it a sheer nuisance.
Russian in their majority, resist the “pandemic” psychosis, albeit passively. They demonstratively don’t wear masks or lower them on chins, they build up, in no time, the whole industry producing fake jabs and “vaccinations papers”. They don’t trust anything official, on a genetic level. Their guts feelings tell them, that if they want to survive – physically survive, that is, – mistrust, resistance and violation of anti nation “laws” are the only way to do it.
Frankly – look at yourself, West. In just no time your pillars of democracy and paragons of freedoms turned into worst tyrannies there are; your democracy “leaders” surpass bolscheviks in cruelty, hypocrisy, lies. You’ve lost any rights whatsoever to lecture anyone on freedoms or “democracy”. Look at Johnson, Biden, Morrison, Ardern, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, etc. They’re absolutely disgusting. They aren’t leaders, they’re traitors and criminals. And by the way, it’s high time for many of you to drop your inherent arrogance, snobbism, cockishness – you’re no better, if not worse, than others. You’re to go through miseries, calamities and other very bad things, but hopefully, the purge will re-born your true self, your spirits, your grandeur. I love and admire the West, its’ culture (not new anti culture of course), its’ history, and watching West ruin itself is very sad, painful experience.

For your knowledge – Civil War in Russia didn’t end, as academia teaches us, in 1922 or 1923 or in 1924, no – it lasted in forms of open or smoldering fire, until early fifties. During WWII, it rekindled again and engulfed half of Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Russians and other nations (especially populations of Caucasus mountains regions and Cossacks regions) sided with German Army and fought against communists. Do you know, what troops were most efficient in WWII? Not your special forces or paratroopers, not even superb by any standards of any era German SS troops, but Russian troops, Caucasus highlanders troops, Cossacks troops – those who fought against Red Army. They’ve been unrivalled in their war skills and bravery, and feared by all. They didn’t seek glory – they knew they’ll die and their memory, their true story, will be belied, they didn’t surrender and didn’t ask for mercy (and none was given). They chose their fate: to die free men fighting for freedom. That’s what real courage and honor are. That’s what real fight for freedom means. You’ve been free nations, Westerners, until you were allowed to. When your time came, you – as of now – are losing the final war for real freedom, for survival.
With that said, I wish all the best to millions of those in the West, who stand up against tyranny, I pray for them and their victory, helping them in any way I can.

To create a great civilization isn’t even half of the job, it’s just the first, probably easiest, stage. To keep it going and booming, to safeguard it from maniacs and Satanists like WEF/UN ones, is a much more difficult task, and West, as of now, failed. I don’t see any other way out of the mess, of abyss, we all found ourselves in, except the collapse and after that, hopefully, resurrection, on new principles and on one condition – we have to return to God. West flushed religion down the drain, and look where it took West. No cosmetic reforms will do, either in society in general, or in industries like shipping. It’s all too rotten, and too divided. How many of us will die in these turbulent, fateful times, God only knows. But WEF/UN and their minions and servants do and continue doing everything they can, to guarantee, that genocide of Biblical proportions will take place, will become inevitable.
Let’s hope, pray and of course, resist. No time left to “wait and see”, calling it “reasonable caution”.

Shipping industry List of Shame
far from being full or anywhere near comprehensive, but will do for starters.

Dec 3: Meet one Richard Meade, the Editor of Lloyd’s List, and a parasite.

Nov 30 New Arrivals:
Meet Hugo De Stoop, CEO of Euronav: “We agree with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the MEPC 77 is a big disappointment and a missed opportunity”.
I don’t know if he really is that stupid, to believe in man-made Climate Change, but won’t be surprised if he is.
Advise everybody concerned to look through major CEOs pics, bios, speeches, statements. They’re all alike – happy thoughtless faces with standard imbecile smiles; same words, same statements; total lack of personality – they’re effectively, transhumans, biorobots, zombies. That’s what modern West and shipping believe to be the cream of the cream?! Ultimate humans? Ubermensch? I’m at a loss – am I to cry, to laugh or to pray? Do you understand, shipping, what a fucking circus your “leadership” is?

Meet GARD, one of the most progressive companies in shipping, “the largest marine insurer in the world”, and concurrently, the spearhead of most destructive policies shipping ever faced, from crews obligatory “vaccination” to “Green Sustainable Shipping”.

One more non-commercial non-governmental full of good progressive scumbag – meet ShipItZero “campaign, led by an alliance of environmental organizations including Pacific Environment,, and Sort Your Ship Out”.
How do they replicate and multiply, so fast? Or are they fabricated by some giant factory somewhere inside WEF/UN? Like the one which fabricated orcs in Lord of the Rings?

Main content

More than 200 industry leaders and organizations from across the maritime value chain are signatories to the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization including shipping, cargo, energy, finance, ports, and infrastructure. Signatories are among some of the world’s largest actors in global trade: Anglo American, A.P. Moller- Maersk, BHP, Bolloré Logistics, BP, BW LPG, Cargill Ocean Transportation, Carnival Corporation, Citi, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, ENGIE, Euronav, Fortescue Metals Group, GasLog, Hapag-Lloyd, Iberdrola, Lloyd’s Register, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Ocean Network Express, Olympic Shipping and Management, Ørsted, Panama Canal Authority, Port of Rotterdam, PSA International, Rio Tinto, Shell, Swire Shipping, Trafigura, Ultranav, Unilever, V.Group, Volvo, Wärtsilä, and Yara.
Deltamarin Ltd
.Chris Wiernicki CEO of the American Bureau of Shipping
Thomas Koniordos is chief executive of Yara Marine Technologies
Full list of “zero emission call” signatories:

Of course, let’s not forget the leader in initiating most insane projects, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) – absolute disgrace to profession

Johannah Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Global Maritime Forum
Lucy Gil¬liam, the sen¬ior ship¬ping pol¬i¬cy advisor at non-gov¬ern¬ment¬al or¬gan¬i¬sa¬tion (NGO) Seas at Risk
Faig Abbasov, shipping director at Transport & Environment



My name is Mikhail Voytenko, I’m Russian, professional merchant marine navigator, by education and former experience. I own and run Maritime Bulletin website for more than 10 years. I've been involved in solving a number of piracy hijack cases, including the hijack of ro-ro FAINA, loaded with tanks. I've been also involved in a number of major maritime disasters media coverage. Industry knows my job and my stance - I oppose NWO, "pandemic" and "Climate Change" crimes against humanity, I'm fighting absolutely corrupt, rotten to the core, shipping industry structure and self-proclaimed "leaders", with everything I can. Time's running out, join the fight or remain sheep, I frankly, don't care. I know what I have to do.

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